What is Sift.gifts?

Sift.gifts is a free platform to create and share wishlists with friends and family.

The story of Sift.gifts

It was a quiet, wintry evening when Aunt Muriel texted me for the fifth time,

"What do you want for Christmas?!"

I still didn't know. It was only November.

What I did know was that I did not want to share the same list with everyone, only to receive three identical frying pans. I did not want to come up with different gift ideas for each person and I did not want to delegate someone to maintain a Google Sheet so as not to spoil any surprises.

What I wanted was a gift registry, but I was not so deluded of grandeur to think that my relatives would sign up for one. So I set out to find an anonymous one.

Search as I might, I could not find a website that allowed unregistered users to simply check off items from a list…so why not make one?

Hence: Sift.gifts was born! Well, a makeshift version of it with some cobbled chickenscratch code, with which my brother added poop to my own wishlist. Thankfully I had already shared my wishlist with Aunt Muriel.

Nevertheless, after some number of diligent evenings in front of the computer, I am now able to present to you a functional version of my anonymous wishlist sharing system.

I hope that you find Sift.gifts to be as useful as I envisioned, and maybe kinda fun.

- Ben

I want to make Sift.gifts better. Please send feedback and suggestions to ben@sift.gifts. Thank you!